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Kajabi is The Modern, Fast Way To Build A Website Complete with Private Membership Area for Selling Digital Courses

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, manage customers, and design the perfect website.

Kajabi includes:

- unlimited landing pages with beautiful, High Converting Templates - build as many as you need
- sales pages
- webinar pages - deliver your webinars right from within Kajabi
- email systems and automated responders
- event management - set up and manage registrations for online events or offline events
- customer profile and account history
- e-commerce integration with Paypal and Stripe with flexible payment options for your customers including one-time payments, financing plans and subscription plans
- simple tools for uploading and storing all of your videos and audios and images....all included in the one price.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi has all the tools to build a complete website including the membership component.   Just more plugins and no more wondering how to get support for plugins that don't work.  With Kajabi it is all under one roof. can rename the Kajabi site to be your main domain and URL.   Have all of our customers cancelled their Wordpress sites?  No, but most of them have and they don't regret it.

Kajabi has a full integration with Mailchimp if you wish to keep your Mailchimp account, but most of our customers have dropped their Mailchimp or their Contant Contact accounts and have imported their newsletter database into Kajabi.   Why?  Because the Kajabi email system is robust enough to do what they need and so they were able to stop paying for those other systems.   Is Kajabi as capable is a dedicated email system?  Probably not, but are you really using all of the functionality of your Mailchimp system and do you really want to be paying for it?   Our customer will tell you that the Kajabi email system does as much as they need and more.
Kajabi's email system comes with the ability to do broadcasts as well as automated sequences that get triggered upon certain events.   Set them up once and let Kajabi do the rest.    It is very powerful.   We invite you to check it out and see for yourself.

With Kajabi, it is easy to upload videos to landing pages, sales pages and into your lessons in the courses.   There is a 2GB size limit per video, but otherwise you can upload as many videos as you need.   Kajabi stores them and provides the Wistia player to play them.  All part of the deal.

Your trial period gives you 28 days of full access to all of Kajabi.   Plus, you get support from Kajabi and from Self Connection.   We will be there to assist you and to answer your charge.     When your trial period ends, if you are convinced and want to sign up for an account, we will grant you a 15% discount on your first year's licence fee.

You have 3 choices for where and how you can get help.
1.  Self Connection offers support plans and will always be available to you by email, text or phone. can phone us.
2.  Kajabi has online chat and email for support.    There is no cost for anyone who has a Kajabi account and their support is absolutely outstanding and fast. 
3.  There is a large community of Kajabi users all over the world that you can connect to via Facebook groups and user forums.  You can post your questions and someone will always answer.   You can even find technical resources to hire should you wish to do so.

No. All Kajabi plans include secure, unlimited hosting for your digital content. Kajabi uses the best servers and networks to ensure your site is reliable and fast.  Most of the Kajabi content is stored on Amazon AWS servers and video content is stored on Wistia...two of the most trusted services in the industry.

No.  Kajabi does not add any costs or %'s to transactions done through your site.   Kajabi is set up to interface to Paypal and to Stripe.  The only charges you pay will be per Paypal and Stripe's normal policies and charges.

Yes.   If you decide to cancel an existing website, such as a Wordpress site that is your main domain, you can re-name your Kajabi site to be your main domain so that when customers search for your domain, they will see your Kajabi site.  There is no cost for this and no cost for the hosting services.    Kajabi also gives you a address for admin purposes.

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