Moderated by Dr. Eleanor Stein">
Moderated by Dr. Eleanor Stein">

Disability Supports - Presentations from June 10th, 2017
Moderated by Dr. Eleanor Stein

This is a set of recordings from the 5 presentations delivered  live on June 16th, 2017 to both an in-house audience at the Cardel Theatre in Calgary and to an online audience across Canada. The content of these presentations will be of interest to anyone who is developing a disabling condition or already has a disabling condition.

The presentations and the entire event were sponsored by the National ME/FM Action Network in Toronto.    The organizer and moderator was Dr. Ellie Stein, MD of Calgary.

The event featured 5 speakers:

1. CPP - Disability, presented by Kris Johnson 
Kris is the Director General of the CPP-D directorate.  He spoke by internet from his office in Ottawa

2.  AISH Provincial Disability Support:  presented by Dale Beesley
Dale is Statutory Director of the AISH program in the Alberta Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Dale spoke to us by web from his Edmonton office

3. Do I have a case?:  presented by James Ludwar.  
James is a Calgary lawyer specializing in disability law.  He has substantial experience in ME/CFS, FM and MCS cases.

4.Employment and Disability: presented by Hugh Scher  
Hugh is a Toronto lawyer who has been involved in some of the key court cases involving people with ME/CFS and FM vs their insurance companies.  Hugh spoke by web from his office in Toronto.

5.  Disability Supports in Canada, presented by John Wodak  
John is a patient advocate in Edmonton.  He has helped hundreds of patients complete their disability forms.

6.  Q&A Session:  featuring John Wodak, Hugh Scher, James Ludwar and Dr. Ellie Stein

Included in this product:

  • a video recording of each of the 5 x presentations - 30 minutes each - plus a video recording of the Q&A session held at the end
  • a downloadable audio-only version of each presentation
  • a downloadable document summarizing the key messages in each presentation
  • a downloadable copy of the Powerpoint slides used by Dale Beesley and John Wodak


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