Sponsored by Dr. Eleanor Stein">
Sponsored by Dr. Eleanor Stein">

Using Neuroplasticity to Cure Persistant Pain

Sponsored by Dr. Eleanor Stein

2016 International Awareness Days

for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic

Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia &

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Featuring a presentation on

"Neuroplastic Transformation:  Using Neuroplasticity to Cure Persistent Pain"

Presented by Dr. Michael Moskowitz, MD, MPH

(Featured in The Brain's Way of Healing by Dr. Norman Doidge)

Also featuring:
"Explaining Pain and Neuroplasticity"
Presented by Dr. Michelle M. DeLisle, PhD, R Psych

As it becomes persistent, pain changes from a symptom to a disease.  This change is caused by changes in the pain processing centers in the brain.  The changes in the brain cause changes in the rest of the body leading to a vicious circle.  Since the disease of pain is a neuroplastic process in the brain and not due to tissue injury, it is reversible. 

Dr. Moskowitz is Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Pain Medicine. He served as a member of the Examination Council for the American Board of Pain Medicine from 2006-2010.   He himself developed chronic pain after a fall and therefore was motivated by his own experience to study the literature in search of a better approach. He came to understand how the acute symptom of pain in the body is transformed into persistent pain – a disease of the brain.  In his presentation, Dr. Moskowitz explains how and why Neuroplastic Transformation works.  The objective is to return the body and brain to normal function (not to live with pain).   It is simple but not easy.  Transforming your brain requires daily practice – just like learning any new skill. 

This is a recording of a live broadcast on May 11, 2016.   Dr. Moskowitz spoke from his home in San Francisco, California.  Dr. DeLisle was speaking at the broadcast facility at Self Connection in Calgary.   Dr DeLisle works at the Calgary Chronic Pain Centre (CPC).

Included in this seminar:
- 1.0 hour video recording of Dr. Moskowitz's presentation
- 20 minute video recording of Dr. DeLisle's presentation
- 20 minute video recording of the Q&A session
- video recording of special announcements by Dr. Stein
- downloadable audio-only of the first three videos
- downloadable copy of Dr. DeLisle's slides
- Q&A summary in downloadable PDF format
- handouts

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