AEP Online Certification Course

A 3 Month Class
(average 3 hours per week)

Class #4 is starting January 8, 2019,  and is now ready for registration.


This course has been taught for years to hundreds of students as a 4-day live workshop but is now also available as an online course.

What's Included:

  • 5 course modules and 31 lessons (modules will be released in stages over the 3 months)
  • video, audio downloads, document downloads in each lesson
  • tutorials / lectures / meditations
  • video demonstrations of how to do oracle and angel card readings plus video demos of healing techniques
  • Wings of Love e-book
  • two 1-1 private calls with Cindy (the first call is scheduled when you register)
  • five group calls with all of the students - will be recorded and published in the course for review
  • private Facebook Group page to share with other students
  • Bonus material - includes pre-recorded webinars and downloadable audio meditations
  • technical support throughout the course

Who Should Take This Course?

Cindy states, “I witness 3 main reasons people take the AEP™ training.

  • First, a person has a desire to increase their intuition and communication with their Guardian Angel Team. Personal Development Only!
  • Second, a person would like to enhance an Alternative Medicine business they already are practicing by including guidance from Divine Vibration and the Techniques offered in this course.
  • Third, a person would like to start their own light-worker business, part-time or full-time, and do what I do. Empower other people to trust in themselves and receive guided messages from their Angel Team.

Cindy believes all people have the same ability as she to connect and trust in their intuitive. “The only difference from me and you is perhaps I have a little more practice. Join the AEP™ family and learn how easy it is to TRUST. Perhaps you will find your passion, as I have, to assist others in this positive and healing approach.”

What will you get out of taking this course?

(Click on either item to see details)

  • An increase in your intuitive powers
  • An understanding of 15 of the Archangels and how they can assist you on a daily basis
  • Better communication with your Guardian Angel Team (learn to be more aware of your clair-senses and how to ask your Divine Team for assistance)
  • Skill and understanding of how to use your clair-senses and get personal messages for personal change and healing
  • Knowledge about your Chakra Centres and clearing for self so that you empower yourself and increase your vibration
  • Knowledge about Shielding and Protection of your Aura so that you stop taking on unwanted vibration
  • New skilss for changing Energy Cords so that you keep your energy intact
  • An understanding about belief systems and how you talk to yourself and the impact of that talk - both good and bad
  • Learn basic Angel Empowerment Techniques and Practice
  • Learn different Angel Oracle Card decks and when and how to use them
  • Learn healing techniques assisted by the Archangels so that you can help others
  • Change Belief Patterns which no longer serve you in your highest intention
  • LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP your own Light-worker business

  • Be certified and join the AEP network


Pricing Options

Note that this course was developed in partnership with Michael Finch who is Self Connection, and that the content is hosted on the Self Connection Membership Site. When you purchase, your credit card statement will say Self Connection and your registration emails will come from the Self Connection Membership Site.


January 8th Class
One payment

$1111 CAD

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January 8th Class
3 x Payments

$388.85 CAD

Second payment in 30 days; third payment in 60 days.

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