An Introduction to Kajabi’s New Email Editor

kajabi email Feb 14, 2020

On Wednesday Feb 5th, Kajabi announced and released a new email editor that is a significant step up in capability from the editor we have been using for the past few years.  This message is intended to give you the highlights of what they announced plus some introductory training in the video I created for you. 

Notice that in this email I am using some of the new features so that I can demonstrate them to you.  😀🤗

What new capabilties does it offer?

1.  control of fonts:  you can control the size (with point size now) and color (as before) but also the actual font can be specified in the setup plus you can control line height
2.  multiple columns:   side by side text;   side by side images, text and image (same as on landing pages).  you also have some control over the width of the columns like you do in Encore
3.  colored background behind each section
4.  can have different sections for viewers on mobile versus desktop (saves people on mobile from scrolling a lot)
5.  you can use assets like images from your landing pages by selecting them if you have previously loaded them to a landing page.
6.  you can add a COUNTDOWN timer to your email.  The countdown timer would be connected to an Event that you have set up in Kajabi Events so that it knows the date and time of the event and can show the time remaining before the even starts.  This is a great way to announce events and to create urgency by displaying how much time is left for registration.
7. Move or hide sections dynamically


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