About Self Connection e-Studios

The Company, Our Story

From 1978 - 2016,  Self Connection served the Calgary (and Alberta) community as a bookstore specializing in personal growth, health and spirituality.   In 2010, Self Connection began to evolve into more of an education centre with seminar facilities, audio/video equipment, cameras, lighting systems, microphones, and a variety of services to go with all of the facilities and equipment to help subject-matter-experts and authors create digital content and multi-media forms of their messages and to publish their content online.

In 2016, Self Connection took the next step to go completely online, and in so-doing, closed the physical retail store and re-branded itself as Self Connection e-Studios

Today Self Connection e-Studios is the follow-on business that offers a video recording studio and an end-to-end service for creating online courses using the Kajabi software toolset and hosting platform.   We have been building Kajabi sites for over 5 years and have helped customers all over North America to digitize their knowledge and put it online in a Kajabi membership site.

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Who Is Our Market - Who Do We Serve?

Technically speaking, we are in a position to help any coach, author, trainer or subject-matter-expert who has an expertise or knowledge in a given topic to put their knowledge into digital format and publish it online.  We have invested hundreds of hours learning Kajabi and consider ourselves experts in Kajabi and will therefore only take on projects and customers who seek to have a membership site built on Kajabi.

To-date, our customers include:
- doctors and health advisors
- financial advisors
- spiritual teachers
- self-help coaches and self-care coaches
- ex-NHL hockey players
- a retired teacher who teaches struggling readers to read
- professional speakers

Our Services

We offer a variety of models as to how we will work with you.  In the end, we are committed to making you and your site successful.  You can hire us to:
- build your site for you
- build your site in consultation with you (preferred)
- train you and/or your staff on how to build and manage a Kajabi site
- for support on an as-needed basis

Our skills and services include:
- consultation for how to build an e-learning course and membership site
- consultation and advice to help you build a business case for the site
- services to build a site and the products - done for you or with you
- training services to teach you how to use Kajabi
- support services for customers who wish to do most of the work themselves but need technical assistance and advice from time-to-time
- video recording and/or editing in our Calgary studio
- audio recording and/or editing in our Calgary studio
- consultation on how to use Zoom software for online meetings and webinars
- webinar broadcasting and livestream broadcasting

About Michael Finch, President of Self Connection e-Studios

Michael has an Honours BMath and Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo.   For 20 years he was involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry as a business owner selling computer solutions to businesses for manufacturing, logistics and financial management.   In 2003 he took a different direction and with his wife Marla (now retired), purchased Self Connection Books, a retail bricks-and-mortar bookstore, which they grew from $200,000 in annual sales to $1m in revenues.   Then, in 2013, as a means of diversifying the book business, he began developing a service to help authors and coaches put their knowledge online instead of just on the bookshelves in printed form.  This new model, called Knowledge Commerce, is now rapidly growing industry and Michael is at the forefront of it with over 5 years experience in building membership sites for customers all over North America.   He loves being at the forefront of new trends in computer technology, loves learning and loves teaching others how to leverage technology to improve their businesses.  He is an expert in Kajabi which is one of the leading total-solution software products for developing and publishing online courses.


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