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Introduction to the Angels Workshop, October 2014

Cindy Smith

This 2-hour workshop is for you to learn easy steps to make change and to learn how easy it is to connect to your own power. 



In this 2 hour video workshop, Cindy shows you how to:

  • Embrace your Angel Team and Embrace yourself. Connect with your own inner wisdom, guidance & intuition.
  • How to communicate with your Angels by using your senses; hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing, which you do intuitively, join us to learn how easy it is to bring Angel communication to your conscious awareness.
  • How to stop being tired and feeling stuck
  • How to cut your own Energy cords with assistance from Archangel Michael and why you would want to do so
  • How to protect your energy by using a Rainbow Shield with Archangel Metatron and why

Cindy also leads you through a  guided meditation to show you how to connect with one of your own Guardian Angels. 

Also available with this workshop is an audio-only version of the workshop and an audio-only version of the meditation.  Both of these are available to just listen to online, or you may download them to your computer or mobile device to listen to offline.

This product does not expire.   You may access the content as often as you wish.

To purchase, click on the Purchase Offer button at the top right corner of this page.   The price is $28 + $1.40 GST.    After your purchase you will receive a series of emails confirming your purchase and providing the details of how to access the content.


About Cindy Smth:
Cindy is a transformational teacher who empowers all to trust in their own connection with the Angels and explore infinite possibilities! She is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium trained by Doreen Virtue. She holds a Substance Abuse Counselling Diploma, and has years of Child and Youth Care work in experience. In combination with this background and other modalities like her Masters in Time Line Therapy & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Huna Teachings, Cindy has created and developed an Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Certification Course. Cindy brings a well-rounded and grounded approach to connecting you with your angel team and empowering you to move from “I CAN’T" TO "I CAN!”


Plus, I understand I make this investment at no risk. I’m covered by your personal, Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 30-Day Guarantee. That is, I can spend 30 days going through the Connect To Your Angel Team Webinar Part 1 course and the bonuses, and apply everything I learn to my business. If, within 30 days of my purchase, I don’t believe the course was worth the investment, I can let you know and you’ll send me a full refund.


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