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Selling Your Knowledge Online is Easier Than Ever Before...

and at Self Connection e-Studios, we can show you how.

Author?   Coach?   Trainer?   Subject Matter Expert?

Tired of trading time for money?

Then join the Knowledge Commerce Revolution with Kajabi - The Most Recommended Knowledge Commerce Software Toolset

There’s a reason the E-Learning market is soaring towards its projected valuation of 275 billion by 2022... It’s the fastest and easiest way for people to launch their online business teaching others what they know through online courses, coaching, and membership sites.

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Self Connection e-Studios

( a new division of Self Connection Books)

We are a team of experts in Kajabi with over 70 years of combined experience in business, IT, communications, graphics design, video,  and marketing.   We build websites and membership sites for publishing online courses.  We get your knowledge published online to sell...quickly and easily.

  • site design and build
  • course design and build
  • graphics design, video recording/editing, audio recording/editing
  • marketing pipelines and email campaigns
  • training for you and your team
  • and more...

Lots of ways we can help you.  We will:

1.  build your site for you, or
2.  build your site with you, or
3.  train YOU on how to build your site
4.  just be available at the end of the phone when you get stuck

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We will put you through an extensive questionaire, will discuss your current business status and goals, and will help you to assess whether or not you are ready.  We will also give you a private demonstration of Kajabi and will answer any and all questions you have.

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Webinar - November 27, 7:30 PM

What is Kajabi?   How does it work?  What does it cost?

Presented by Michael Finch

Attend a free demonstration to see the full capabilities of the Kajabi software. This is not a quick overview but an indepth look at the software to understand the functionality and what it is like to work with. All questions will be welcome and will be addressed.


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